5 Benefits of Working with a Knowledge-Based Real Estate Agent

A knowledge-based real estate agent is a spectacular resource to have when buying or selling a home. Real estate agents have the skills needed to navigate the market and can provide expert insight during your home transaction. Although some people choose to buy or sell a home on their own and often cite real estate fees as the reason, working with a knowledge-based real estate agent grants a competitive edge due to the many benefits that accompany their services.

With years of professional experience in the real estate industry, Team Siu + Camacho Real Estate has helped countless buyers and sellers navigate the real estate market. Regularly involved in transactions involving homes for sale in many neighborhoods in Hawaii, Team Siu + Camacho Real Estate draws on their extensive knowledge of the real estate market to provide expert guidance to each person they work with. Working with knowledge-based real estate agents like Team Siu + Camacho Real Estate is a great way to ensure your home transaction process runs as smoothly as possible.

While it is possible to successfully buy or sell a home independently, the benefits of working with a knowledge-based real estate agent often well outweigh the cons. When deciding whether or not to work with a real estate agent on your home transaction, check out this list of the top five benefits of working with a knowledge-based real estate agent by Team Siu + Camacho Real Estate to help you decide if working with an agent is right for you.

Agents know the market

No one knows the neighborhood housing market better than your local real estate agent. Whether they’re researching a property, marketing a listing, or hosting an open house, a real estate agent’s daily life involves navigating the local housing market. Real estate agents working with a seller draw on their expertise to price homes competitively, attract buyers, and close deals at top dollar. Real estate agents working with a buyer draw on their knowledge to narrow down the best selections for their clients and match them with properties that fulfill all their needs and desires.

In addition to knowing all about the properties within the neighborhoods they serve, real estate agents also know all about the local communities. From the best places to eat to the best places to shop to the best places to catch a show, a real estate agent can give you the full lowdown on what makes the city a great place to call home. They also have information on the economy, schools, and public services. For sellers, a real estate agent can generate buzz around a listing and leave potential buyers with a strong first impression. For buyers, this vast knowledge comes in handy when it comes to deciding on a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle and getting to know your new community.

Agents have extensive networks

Real estate is a highly social industry, and professional real estate agents are experts when it comes to networking. They interact and engage with sellers, buyers, and other agents on a regular basis, constantly growing their extensive network of contacts throughout the process. When working with a seller, real estate agents know how to successfully get the word out about a property and bring potential buyers through the door. When working with a buyer, they have insider insight into the hottest listings to hit the market.

A real estate agent’s network is also incredibly useful when it comes to connecting sellers and buyers with local services. They typically have a preferred group of service providers that they know and trust for recommendations. For sellers, an agent can provide a list of local contractors, handymen, painters, and landscapers for repairs and maintenance as well as staging companies and cleaning services for when it’s time to show the property. For buyers, an agent can make introductions to appraisers, inspectors, mortgage professionals, and real estate attorneys.

Agents provide professional guidance

A real estate agent’s expert insight into the real estate industry and vast experience handling home transactions make them an incredibly valuable resource for providing professional guidance in the housing market. In addition to their skillset, they also have access to useful tools and systems like the Multiple Listing Service when it comes to listing homes for sellers or finding properties for buyers.

When they are working with a seller, a real estate agent helps to set an optimal sale price. After running a competitive market analysis using relative data from the neighborhood, they evaluate what price point is best for attracting buyers while still satisfying sellers. They can also give advice on how the home should be presented, making recommendations for how the property should be staged while it is being shown to potential buyers. When they are working with a buyer, a real estate agent can analyze the listing price and determine what price point to make an acceptable offer.

Agents can negotiate

If there’s one thing that sellers, buyers, and real estate agents have in common it’s that they all want to get the best real estate deal they possibly can on the home transaction. Sellers are committed to receiving a premium price, and buyers want to make sure they’re not draining the bank. The agents on both sides want to keep their clients happy to make sure the deal goes through and all their hard work pays off.

Entering into direct negotiation with a seller or a buyer can feel intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Real estate agents have years of experience to draw upon and are highly skilled in the art of negotiation. Having a real estate agent involved during the negotiation process gives you a competitive edge to arrive at an ideal price point for you.

Agents save energy and time

Closing a real estate transaction is a lengthy process, and a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. Those selling a home must spend time researching the neighborhood so they can price their home competitively, then ensure their listing is seen by as many potential buyers as possible by taking the time to market their property in print, online, and by word-of-mouth. They also need to screen all incoming inquiries, identify serious prospects, and schedule hostings. On the other hand, those buying a home need to spend time sorting through listings, distinguishing quality homes, and setting up appointments. An abundance of paperwork is also involved for both sides of the spectrum, involving offers and counteroffers, contract documents, mandated disclosures, and more.

Working with a knowledge-based real estate agent saves sellers and buyers both energy and time by eliminating all of these tedious tasks from their to-do lists. By having a real estate agent to take care of all the work that goes on behind the scenes, sellers and buyers can focus on the big picture of the home transaction, like earning top dollar on their property or finding the perfect place to call home.

Whether you’re in the real estate market to sell or buy a home, consider reaching out to your local real estate agent. From setting the appointments to negotiating the sale price to managing the paperwork, there are many magnificent benefits of working with a knowledge-based real estate agent. Sellers can receive a premium price on their property listing and buyers can find all the best homes in the neighborhood to choose from when deciding where to make their future residence.

With so many outstanding benefits, it is always highly recommended that buyers and sellers work with a knowledge-based real estate action on their home transactions. If working with a real estate agent sounds like the right move for you, take the first step by contacting a knowledge-based real estate agent in your neighborhood.

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